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Meetup tonight is cancelled-I'm sick:(
I'm so sorry and see you in Feb.

Mythpunks Tomorrow Cancellled

Due to continued weather/travel issues, Mythpunks will not meet tomorrow. Have a great holiday and see you in January!

Party Friday!

Dear Mythpunks,
This is an invitation to the Hogswatch party at my place on the 18th--Friday at 7:30pm. Please RSVP to jessica.melusine@gmail.com if you would like to attend!

Mythpunk times!

At Teaism, Dupont Circle 7:00 pm:

Tuesday December 22
Wednesday Jan 13

(If there's enough interest, I also would be willing to do an unofficial quickie meetup on this Wednesday, December 9--say in comments if you can come!
(xposting to my journal)

Mythpunking Dates-please vote!

Poll #1490444 December and January Mythpunkery!

Dates for December

Tuesday Dec 8th 7pm
Wed Dec 9 7pm
Tues Dec 15
Wed Dec 16
Thurs Dec 17
Tues Dec 22
Wed Dec 23
Tues Dec 29
Wed Dec 30


Tues 5th
Wed 6th
Thurs 7th
Tues 12
Wed 13
Thurs 14
Tues 19
Wed 20
Thurs 21
Tues 26

Would any one be interested in a stitch and or bitch evening separate from our usual?

Would anyone like to host it?

Any other ideas?

Mythpunk is Go

See you Monday at Teaism Dupont Circle at 7!

October 12 Meetup Reschedyle?

ETA: We're go--see you Monday!

Hello all...

I realized I don't have a solid idea of how many people are coming. Since it is a holiday weekend, would you all prefer changing it to a later Monday (October 19 or 26th)? I know holidays have a habit of eating time (and they are currently chowing down on mine:( )

I'm still able and happy to do the 12th and will even if only one person is there, but if rescheduling would make things easier, I am fine with that too. I want to make sure this is fun and that everyone gets to come and is happy about it.. Anyway...a poll, or drop me a comment.
Whatever y'all decide, we shall do.
Poll #1469171 Mythpunk Timey-Wimey Stuff, Or Do We Want To Reschedule?

Will you be coming to the October 12th meetup


Do We Want To Reschedule the October 12th Meetup?

Yes, I want to and will be at the meetup on the 12th
I'd prefer to reschedule

f Rescheduling,What October Dates Would You Prefer?

October 19 2009 7-9 pm
October 26 7-9 pm

Questions? Ideas? Comments?

Thanks so much (and if there is poll-hating, let me know and we can find another way)
Have a great evening!


Mythpunk Meetup On Oct 12 Location Change

Hello all!
The Mythpunk Meetup for October 12 will be at Teaism Dupont Circle at 7-9 pm. (I saw that the Metro is doing some work on the Green/Yellow and there is no shuttle to Archives/NM and anyway, so Dupont.)

I'll get there early and grab us a table upstairs.

The address is:

2009 R St NW
Washington, DC 20009-1011

and the Metro is Dupont Circle on the Red Line. Hope to see you there!

September Mythpunk Meetup Tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 23, 7-9 pm Teaism Penn Quarter (Archives Navy Memorial stop), Washington DC

There will be a map on the table, so that we can be found. Looking forward to it!

Mythpunk Meetups for September and October

So after some confusing journal entries and after reading the utterly scientific poll on the community the dates are:

September: Wednesday, September 23, 7-9 pm Teaism Penn Quarter

October: Monday October 12,7-9 pm Teaism Penn Quarter

I went by majority of votes and aforementioned confusing journal entries by me:) It seems like there are several conflicting schedules, but hopefully alternating days will make it a bit easier.

So-I will get a table downstairs by the fishies, I will be wearing my Palimpsest necklace and I will have a good-sized map on the table. (Since I'm coming from work, can't be as fancy as I wish.)Hope to see you there!

(I will also be posting this on my journal--I can also post it to Omikuji if we don't have everyone already and if the mod should deem it okay:))